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Share some MCP 70-534 exam questions and answers below.
You need to recommend a technology for processing customer pickup requests.

Which technology should you recommend?

A. Notification hub

B. Queue messaging

C. Mobile Service with push notifications

D. Service Bus messaging

Answer: D

You need to recommend an appropriate solution for the data mining requirements.

Which solution should you recommend?

A. Design a schedule process that allocates tasks to multiple virtual machines, and use the Azure Portal to create new VMs as needed.

B. Use Azure HPC Scheduler Tools to schedule jobs and automate scaling of virtual machines.

C. Use Traffic Manager to allocate tasks to multiple virtual machines, and use the Azure Portal to spin up new virtual machines as needed.

D. Use Windows Server HPC Pack on-premises to schedule jobs and automate scaling of virtual machines in Azure.

Answer: B

You need to design the system that alerts project managers to data changes in the contractor information app.

Which service should you use?

A. Azure Mobile Service

B. Azure Service Bus Message Queueing

C. Azure Queue Messaging

D. Azure Notification Hub

Answer: C

Topic 4, Lucerne Publishing



Lucerne Publishing creates, stores, and delivers online media for advertising companies. This media is streamed to computers by using the web, and to mobile devices around the world by using native applications. The company currently supports the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.1 platform.

Lucerne Publishing uses proprietary software to manage its media workflow. This software has reached the end of its lifecycle. The company plans to move its media workflows to the cloud. Lucerne Publishing provides access to its customers, who are third-party companies, so that they can download, upload, search, and index media that is stored on Lucerne Publishing servers.

Apps and Applications

Lucerne Publishing develops the applications that customers use to deliver media. The company currently provides the following media delivery applications:

¡¤ Lucerne Media W – a web application that delivers media by using any browser

¡¤ Lucerne Media M – a mobile app that delivers media by using Windows Phone 8.1

¡¤ Lucerne Media A – a mobile app that delivers media by using an iOS device

¡¤ Lucerne Media N – a mobile app that delivers media by using an Android device

¡¤ Lucerne Media D – a desktop client application that customer’s install on their local computer

Business Requirements

Lucerne Publishing’s customers and their consumers have the following requirements:

¡¤ Access to media must be time-constricted once media is delivered to a consumer.

¡¤ The time required to download media to mobile devices must be minimized.

¡¤ Customers must have 24-hour access to media downloads regardless of their location or time zone.

¡¤ Lucerne Publishing must be able to monitor the performance and usage of its customer-facing app.

Lucerne Publishing wants to make its asset catalog searchable without requiring a database redesign.

¡¤ Customers must be able to access all data by using a web application. They must also be able to access data by using a mobile app that is provided by Lucerne Publishing.

¡¤ Customers must be able to search for media assets by key words and media type.

¡¤ Lucerne Publishing wants to move the asset catalog database to the cloud without formatting the source data.

Other Requirements


Code and current development documents must be backed up at all times. All solutions must be automatically built and deployed to Azure when code is checked in to source control.

Network Optimization

Lucerne Publishing has a .NET web application that runs on Azure. The web application analyzes storage and the distribution of its media assets. It needs to monitor the utilization of the web application. Ultimately, Lucerne Publishing hopes to cut its costs by reducing data replication without sacrificing its quality of service to its customers.

The solution has the following requirements:

¡¤ Optimize the storage location and amount of duplication of media.

¡¤ Vary several parameters including the number of data nodes and the distance from node to customers.

¡¤ Minimize network bandwidth.

¡¤ Lucerne Publishing wants be notified of exceptions in the web application.

Technical Requirements

Data Mining

Lucerne Publishing constantly mines its data to identify customer patterns. The company plans to replace the existing on-premises cluster with a cloud-based solution.

Lucerne Publishing has the following requirements:

Virtual machines:

¡¤ The data mining solution must support the use of hundreds to thousands of processing cores.

¡¤ Minimize the number of virtual machines by using more powerful virtual machines. Each virtual machine must always have eight or more processor cores available.

¡¤ Allow the number of processor cores dedicated to an analysis to grow and shrink automatically based on the demand of the analysis.

¡¤ Virtual machines must use remote memory direct access to improve performance.

Task scheduling:

The solution must automatically schedule jobs. The scheduler must distribute the jobs based on the demand and available resources.

Data analysis results:

The solution must provide a web service that allows applications to access the results of analyses.

Other Requirements

Feature Support

¡¤ Ad copy data must be searchable in full text.

¡¤ Ad copy data must indexed to optimize search speed.

¡¤ Media metadata must be stored in Azure Table storage.

¡¤ Media files must be stored in Azure BLOB storage.

¡¤ The customer-facing website must have access to all ad copy and media.

¡¤ The customer-facing website must automatically scale and replicate to locations around the world.

¡¤ Media and data must be replicated around the world to decrease the latency of data transfers.

¡¤ Media uploads must have fast data transfer rates (low latency) without the need to upload the data offline.


¡¤ Customer access must be managed by using Active Directory.

¡¤ Media files must be encrypted by using the PlayReady encryption method.

¡¤ Customers must be able to upload media quickly and securely over a private connection with no opportunity for internet snooping.

You need to analyze Lucerne¡¯s performance monitoring solution.

Which three applications should you monitor? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. The Lucerne Media-D application

B. The data mining application

C. The Lucerne Media-W application

D. The Lucerne Media-M app

E. The Lucerne Media-N app

Answer: C,D,E

You need to configure the distribution tracking application.

What should you do?

A. Map each role to a single upgrade domain to optimize resource utilization.

B. Design all services as stateless services.

C. Configure operations to queue when a role reaches its capacity.

D. Configure multiple worker roles to run on each virtual machine.

Answer: D

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