Newest Updated Cisco 400-101 exam real questions

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If you find a job in the IT industry, many human resource managers in the interview will reference what Cisco related certification you have. If you have Cisco 400-101 certification, apparently, it can improve your competitiveness.A lot of IT people want to pass Cisco certification 400-101 exams. Thus they can obtain a better promotion opportunity in the IT industry, which can make their wages and life level improved.

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Share some CCIE 400-101 exam questions and answers below.
Which two options are required parts of an EEM policy? (Choose two.)

A. event register keyword

B. body

C. environment must defines

D. namespace import

E. entry status

F. exit status

Answer: A, B

Which command can you use to redistribute IBGP routes into the IGP?

A. bgp redistribute-internal

B. redistribute protocol process-number

C. synchronization

D. no synchronization

Answer: A

Which technology can be used to prevent flooding of IPv6 multicast traffic on a switch?

A. IGMP snooping

B. IGMP filtering

C. MLD snooping

D. MLD filtering

Answer: C

Which option describes how a router responds if LSA throttling is configured and it receives the identical LSA before the interval is set?

A. The LSA is added to the OSPF database and a notification is sent to the sending router to slow down its LSA packet updates.

B. The LSA is added to the OSPF database.

C. The LSA is ignored.

D. The LSA is ignored and a notification is sent to the sending router to slow its LSA packet updates.

Answer: C

Which set of commands conditionally advertises as long as is in the routing table?





Answer: C

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