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Share some CCNP 300-135 exam questions and answers below.
What is the solution of the fault condition?

A. Under the BGP process,enter the bgp redistribute-internal command

B. Under the BGP process, bgp confederation identifier 65001 command

C. Delete the current BGP process and reenter all of the commands using 65002 as the AS number.

D. Under the BGP process, delete the neighbor remote-as 65002 command enter the neighbor remote-as 65002 command.

Answer: D

What is the solution of the fault condition?

A. Under the interface Serial0/0/0 configuration enter the ip nat inside command

B. Under the interface Serial0/0/1 configuration enter the ip nat outside command

C. Under the ip access-list standar nat_trafic configuration enter the permit command

D. Under the ip access-list standar nat_trafic configuration enter the permit command

Answer: C

The fault condition is related to which technology?


B. IP DHCP Server

C. IPv4 OSPF Routing

D. IPv4 EIGRP Routing

E. IPv4 Route Redistribution

F. IPv6 RIP Routing

G. IPv6 OSPF Routing

H. IPV4 and IPV6 Interoperability

I. IPv4 layer 3 security

Answer: G

Two routers are connected through PPP connection. After the PPP was established the admin put OSPF running above it. The OSPF formed adjacency but after soon the adjacency dropped.

What is the reason? (The cause of OSPF forming an adjacency over a GRE tunnel and dropping immediately)

A. MTU does not match

B. Area 0 need to exist for OSPF to function properly

C. Gre tunnel destination is not reachable through tunnel

D. Gre tunnel ip address must be covered by network under ¡°router ospf 1¡±

E. ospf routes contains the route to tunnel destination

Answer: C

R1 and R2 OSPF neighbor.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

(Output from show ip ospf neighbors on 2 routers, one of them shows FULL/DR, the other FULL/-, you need to know how were they configured and will they exchange routes)

A. They are not neighbors

B. R1 (non-DR) will not update its routes to R2

C. Router R2 is configured with ospf point-to-point command (R2 is the router that shows as FULL/-)

D. They need to be configured as OSPF NBMA

E. R2 should be configured as stub

Answer: BC

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